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Herd Sires

Our Newest Additions:

New Herd Sire
Monopoly x Friction


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Semen For Sale $25 a straw
Mob Boss will be in the pasture at Bar C4 Show Cattle,
Napa CA Fall 2013 come out and check out this impressive new Sire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mob Boss x Angus Heifer Calve raised by Cook Show Cattle in Ohio.

Owned With:
Trausch Farms LLC, Anita IA.
Bar C4 Show Cattle, Napa, CA.

Sired by Mob Boss

Black Friday Sale
Cook Show Cattle
Red Mob Boss steer sold for $2,250 Black Mob Boss steer sold for $3,000


Uncle Kracker
Owned with Chris and Carolyn Wilson from Trausch farms

Smoke Uncle Kracker heifer, Char/Composite

Mello Yellow
Yellow Jacket x Who13 (Who Made Who x Angus)
DOB: 3/29/12
Thanks to Scott Hellbusch with Hellbusch Cattle Co.

BC4 Gotts Money
Black Naughty Pine x Wasssup Cow
Bred by Trausch Farms
Co-Owned with Chileno Valley Show Cattle.
Check back for pictures........

BC4 Wicked Attraction
Cream colored Tiger Woods x Hoo Too Cow
Bred by Kurt Goertzen
Co-Owned with Chileno Valley Show Cattle.
Check back for pictures........

BC4 Love In The Wild
Black Baldy Double Whammy x Meyer 734 x Maine
Bred by BC4 Show Cattle
Check back for pictures........

BC4 Tabasco
Eight Below x Simmental x Maine Angus
Sold to LB Ranch of Potter Valley please check back for there up and coming calves. 

John Wayne

Reference Sire
Eye Candy x Char Cow

BC4 White Magic 8H21
 Sire: LT Wyoming Wind 4020 PLD
 Dam : BVR Miss Skymont 01A2 ET
MGS: LHD Cigar E46
Purchased from Buttes View Ranch, New Castle CA.

Joes Candy
Eye Candy x Outrageous
Birth Weight 86lbs

 The first calf out of Double Whammy x Donor 6R2.
Double Whammy picture will be coming soon!

BC4 Double Whammy

Pocket Change
BC4 Tony Soprano (Hoo Too Son x Kodiak) x 9039 Meyer 734

Raised by Bar C4 Show Cattle


Eight Below
Blue Ice x Picasso Meyer
Raised by Bar C4 Show Cattle
Semen For Sale

Eight Below Steer
MCF/BC4 Livewire 6035 - Deceased
Sire: BK Power Plus x Dam: Cub
Owned by Bar C4 Show Cattle, Napa Ca.
Purchased from Mid Continent Farms.
Thanks to the Stewart Family. 

MCF/BC4 Livewire x BC4 Flush Factor 1041 steer

Livewire x Zues 4Z30 Steer
Sold in the 2008 Sale $3700

NEW Herdsire

BC4 Tony Soprano
 (Hoo Too x Kodiak Cow)
Purchased from Mid Continent Farms
Owned by Bar C4 Show Cattle

BC4 Tony Soprano x
Strictly Business cow
Class Winner in Bakersfield Jackpot Show

Tony Soprano x Falt Out cow 2013

RECC/BC4 Doc Holiday
PALEFACE X 1902 Pannell Cow (ET)
Bred and Raised by Reiss Club Calves in Westkan Kansas - Bought from the Reiss Family
Owned by Bar C4 Show Cattle

Doc Holiday x BC4 Ladies Man 7017 Steer


Class Winner, Maine Division
Sierra Winter Classic, Porterville, CA
Doc Holiday x BC4 Mossy Oak 5539

             Thank You to Reiss Family for all your help with the selection of this great young up and coming sire.

Semen will be available for purchase through
Bar C4 Show Cattle

Cattle Vision is going to handle the semen for us.
Semen is available for $20 a straw through owners or distributors